Recently Facebook-acquired, Instagram, is one of the most popular photo-sharing services available. It has a beautiful and popular iOS app and has recently released an Android app as well. And, despite the new iPad’s upgraded camera, Instagram still does not have an official iPad app. Instavue is an Instagram viewer for the iPad.

While users may not be able to upload pictures from Instavue to the photo-sharing service, the viewer displays Instagram photos from friends larger than they would be displayed on the iPhone (or as the app description says, “view photos as big as your face”). Instavue didn’t leave out photo uploading voluntarily. As of now, Instagram still doesn’t have an API for uploading photos.

It’s possible that Instagram will released a dedicated iPad app for its service in the future. But for now, apps like Instavue are the only options for using Instagram on the iPad (short of stretching the iPhone app to 2x).


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Released: 2012-04-17 :: Category: Game


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