The idea of geotagging different forms of media has existed for quite some time.  Recently we have seen this become even more mainstream with applications like Twitter and Facebook implementing the technology as well.  Despite the information being recorded being rather mundane beyond geographic coordinates, a few apps have been able to make a practical use of the data.  The recently released app Instamap looks to put the bits to good use, while also indulging your inner photo nut.

Using Instagram's existing database of uploaded photography, Instamap will allow users to browse geographically, to find snapshots that interest them more.  The awesome new pinned interface shows shots as they come in, afixed to the region in which they were uploaded, which makes for an awesome new way to discover your inner artist.  It is worth noting that the app is not free, but honestly a $1.99 pricetag is a small price to pay for this interesting new interface.  Let us know if it tickles your fancy in the comments.

Instamap - real-time Instagram browser

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2011-05-30 :: Category: Game


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