Everyone knows that the best work is done when there's a tight deadline looming. OK, this isn't the greatest of things to say or the best way to lead a life, but I know I find I work so much harder nearer to deadline day. Kids: you shouldn't do this, it's bad. Honest.

Regardless of any of this, there's an entire game design ethos behind working intensely for short periods of time, namely the Global Game Jam. It's an event that happens all around the world in which people come together to make a video game from start to finish within 48 hours. Sometimes, some fantastic gems come out of this Jam.

This time round, it's the turn of Somyeol, a game coming to iOS this December. Previously made for the PC during a Global Game Jam in Germany, Somyeol is a 2D platformer in which players must get the Somyeol people to their goal in as short a time as possible. Sounds easy, right? The twist is that there are numerous Somyeols to control at any one time and they each have their own abilities.

Check out the preview trailer below. It's certainly looking interesting already.

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