A group of independent iPhone app developers have gotten together to try another method for increasing their app sales. They are, as a group, putting their apps on sale and promoting them together. It's the latest in a series of inventive ways that small application developers have tried in the increasingly packed iTunes App Store to get some attention for their apps.

Starting 12/31, some apps and games from some great indie developers will all go on sale for 48 hours. The promotion, titled New Year's App Blowout will see apps discounted from 50% - 80%.

Some of the apps that will be on sale include:
* Pinch n' Pop ($0.99 price drop from $3.99 - iTunes Link)
* BurnBall ($0.99 price drop from $1.99 - iTunes Link)
* ScribBall ($0.99 price drop from $3.99 - iTunes Link)
* Mouse House ($0.99 price drop from $4.99 - iTunes Link)
* DuckDuckDuck (FREE price drop from $0.99 - iTunes Link)
* Blackbeard's Assault ($0.99 price drop from $1.99 - iTunes Link)

Currently there are 16 apps listed on the page, but more are expected to be added before the new year. I suggest you bookmark the site and return on 12/31 to see the updated list.

It's great to see independent developers teaming up to try to solve one of the greatest downsides to the app store -- getting some attention in a sea of 13,000 apps.

[Source: New Year's App Blowout]

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