Yeeearrrghhh, I have an insatiable appetite for taking silly pictures of myself and sending them off to others. I (sadly) do it all day with PhotoBooth, but nothing can prepare people for my next batch of email picture goodness.

iArrPirate, my new favorite toy, turns me into whatever kind of pirate I want to be. I can wear a big scary pirate hat (arrr!), or a swashbuckling bandana (aieee), or a whole mess of other piratey stuff.

The auto email that the app makes for you though is really lame (“Check out this cool photo I just took with iArrPirate”), but you can easily erase that. I’d recommend changing it to something like, “Arrrrgh, this may be the last face you see today, you son of a biscuit eater. Savvy?”

Oh, and a quick hint on using the app. To get rid of items, you have to expand them til they pop off the screen. You have no idea how long I was stuck with pirate wench hair after accidentally clicking on it.

To celebrate the launch, user that tweets the best photo from iArrPirate by Talk Like a Pirate Day (September 19th) will win a $50 iTunes Gift Card. Just make sure you use the #iArrPirate50 tag, or you won’t be seen. Check out the Riptide Games website for if you want to read the fine print.

So go on you scalleywags, I have about 50 more emails to send out. I’ll strike fear into the hearts of all you landlubbers.

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Released: 2010-08-29 :: Category: Photography

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