Humanist Lets You Understand the Physical, Psychological, and Intellectual Characteristics of Yourself and Others

Posted by Andrew Stevens on September 25th, 2013
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

Humanist allows you to help determine the character of any person and what kind of influence this person has on you. It also features a calendar that provides details on your day-to-day physical, psychological, and intellectual characteristics, along with information about anyone else that you may be dealing with on any particular day.

Humanist also comes with a new 2.0 version that features an iOS 7-styled redesign. So, check it out and see just how well it helps you with your everyday relationships with people.

iPhone Screenshots

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Humanist screenshot 1 Humanist screenshot 2 Humanist screenshot 3 Humanist screenshot 4 Humanist screenshot 5
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