Looks like the big holiday sales aren't just for used cars and mattresses anymore. In a move that we've seen repeated the past few holiday weekend, many of the app and game developers are putting their wares on sale this weekend.

There are sales from the big guys like EA, Gameloft, Glu, Handmark and more below. With Glu putting nearly all of their games down to $0.99, EA marking most of their games a huge amount, and lots of Indie developers dropping prices, it's a great time to pick up a few new games.

Here are some of the more notable apps on sale -- or at least the ones we've noticed so far. But we can't list all of them here, you can check out our full list of all of the iPhone app sales on our price drops page.

See one of your favorite apps or games on sale but not on our list? Leave a comment below and let us know.

[itmsapp: 284800458]
[itmsapp: 344217468]
[itmsapp: 329676142]
[itmsapp: 335583964]
[itmsapp: 327576442]
[itmsapp: 284987824]
[itmsapp: 293647966]
[itmsapp: 294926589]
[itmsapp: 298410235]
[itmsapp: 325793558]
[itmsapp: 316491616]
[itmsapp: 309595992]

There are really just too many to list on the front page. Hit the jump for the full list or check out our price drops page.

[itmsapp: 364898654]
[itmsapp: 324021811]
[itmsapp: 317439506]
[itmsapp: 363710460]
[itmsapp: 303320033]
[itmsapp: 366754824]
[itmsapp: 308246565]
[itmsapp: 372344611]
[itmsapp: 303855287]
[itmsapp: 368624362]
[itmsapp: 364876095]
[itmsapp: 365742550]
[itmsapp: 340854666]
[itmsapp: 298837592]
[itmsapp: 368763113]
[itmsapp: 339440289]
[itmsapp: 298601125]
[itmsapp: 338101467]
[itmsapp: 349371898]
[itmsapp: 314652382]
[itmsapp: 299470790]
[itmsapp: 305426794]
[itmsapp: 341331076]
[itmsapp: 365183754]
[itmsapp: 315613006]
[itmsapp: 329661219]
[itmsapp: 331731384]
[itmsapp: 346227455]
[itmsapp: 354998923]
[itmsapp: 344374566]
[itmsapp: 360178712]
[itmsapp: 360180630]
[itmsapp: 371284139]
[itmsapp: 372283058]
[itmsapp: 353846826]
[itmsapp: 322523436]
[itmsapp: 363634698]

Still not enough for you? There are thousands more on our price drops page. You can even filter by device type or price.

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