How to win every 2v2 battle in Clash Royale

Posted by Jessica Famularo on August 18th, 2017
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2v2 is coming back to Clash Royale in a big way. Although it's only been available for temporary periods of time, 2v2 has seen a hugely positive fan response, with players clamoring for more team-based gameplay.

Soon we'll get yet another taste of 2v2 fun, so it's time to prepare. We have a few tips that will help you succeed in 2v2 battles, whether your playing with a familiar clan mate or a complete stranger.

Use a diverse deck

2v2 requires some unique strategies. Pitting two teams of two against each other offers up some unique challenges, so you'll need to adjust your game plan accordingly.

Have a well-rounded deck that has ground and flying units, AOE spells, a building, and a tank at the very least. Pay attention to your teammate's deck and find out how you can best complement each other.

Don't split lanes

While it seems common sense to dedicate each lane to a singular team member, this strategy can oftentimes make things more difficult for you. Instead, you should both be working together in each lane, playing cards that will help each other out. A unified strategy helps immensely.

Communication is key

If you're playing with friends, using Discord or another chat service will help you immensely. If you're playing without voice, though, there are still helpful ways to communicate with one another. Try the hover method.

Before you actually put a card down on the battlefield, hover the card where you're going to place it, giving your teammate a clear tell about what you're going to play. This will help them play complementary cards.

It's also helpful to pay attention to your teammate's hand to give you an idea of what they'll be playing in the near future. Hold down on their name and you'll see their current hand and elixir.

Have a careful opening move

Before you start slinging cards at the beginning of a match, a bit of on-the-spot strategizing will be immensely helpful, and could even turn the match in your favor from the get go.

Sometimes it's best to wait for your opponent to make their move, and then respond in kind. If you really want to jump into things and make the first move, try not to use more than four elixir or you could put yourself at a serious disadvantage later on.

Are you a top 2v2 player? Share your own expert tips in the comments below.

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