2v2 is nothing new for Clash Royale. It’s been out since last summer and by now everyone has their own different strategies and favoured decks. You’re not going to win every game - try as you might - but with our helpful tips and guides, you will succeed more than you fail. Here’s how to be the best tag-team tower defense tandem in the history of the multiverse. Or close to it.

Join a clan

Perhaps we’re starting with the obvious, but if you’re around a group of people who have different ideas on how to win, you’re going to pick up some very smart strategies. You can also request and trade cards in order to boost levels of the ones you use regularly. The big reason, though, is that when you start a 2v2 game you can share an invite to your clan mates which means you can talk strategy and synchronise decks before hand in the group chat.

In a game where the majority of your communication is done through emotes, this is a huge advantage to have over your opposition, especially since most players are paired together randomly.

Find a regular co-op buddy and invite a friend

Alternatively, if a clan isn’t your thing then you can invite any of your friends to join in using your platform of choice. They don’t even need to have played Clash Royale before as long as they have the app. And hey, if you’re sat in the same room you can even bark orders at one another! Or speak calmly, that’s more polite.

Pay attention to your ally's deck

Before the start of each match, you get a few seconds to peruse your partners’ deck. This is a good opportunity to take stock of what they have, whether they’ve filled any gaps in your attacking and defensive front, and whether they have any cards you haven’t found yet. If you can keep their deck in mind while you play then you’ll be able to find ways to assist one another in tight battles. Which leads me to the next point.

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Compliment each other with buffs

You can use different elixirs to empower your teammate to really give yourselves the edge. For instance, if your partner has unleashed a minion horde then you could double the trouble with a dose of Clone. Likewise, if you’ve rushed a tower with a band of warriors, one of you could speed things up a drop of Rage. Some battles come down to the narrowest of margins and cooperative tactics like these can help tip the scales in your favour.

Always focus on your lane but help when you need to

Perhaps one of the most important things you can do is stay focused on your own lane. Look at it as if you’re each defending a tower to keep your opponent at bay as that puts out a strong defensive front. Because once your defenses have been breached, your opponent can spawn all kinds of trouble just meters from your King and that increases the chances of them winning.

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That said, if you can see your partner is struggling and it seems all enemy efforts have gone into destroying just one tower, be sure to give them a helping hand. Just spend cheaply if you can. Counter attacks are just as dangerous if one tower has been left exposed and in many cases that’s exactly the opening your opponents’ are looking for.

Got any strategies that work well for you? What’s your favoured deck? Share your best 2v2 Clash Royale tips in the comments below

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