How to catch a Raikou in Pokemon GO with ease

Posted by Jessica Famularo on September 12th, 2017
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Raikou's the first legendary dog to wander into North America for Pokémon GO players. A member of the legendary dog trio (Raikou, Suicune and Entei) of Pokémon Gold and Silver, these powerful canines are some of the toughest legendary Pokémon to catch, and it seems like they're maintaining that reputation in Pokémon GO.

You only have until September 30 to catch yourself a Raikou before it heads off to far away lands, and catching him won't be an easy task. However, there are a few tricks you can do to turn the odds in your favor.

Level up your Ground-type Pokémon

Raikou is an Electric-type, and a strong one at that. To stand up to his powerful special attacks and do some decent damage of your own, send out your strongest Ground-type Pokémon. Pokémon like Golem, Donphan, and Rhydon are particularly helpful. Make sure you have at least one Pokémon that knows Earthquake.

A few good items go a long way

Don't go into a Raikou raid empty handed. You'll want to bring your best items with you. That includes Golden Razz Berries, which can increase your chances of catching Raikou.

Practice your curve balls

Raikou has a catch rate of around 2%, so you're going to need all of the help you can get. Practice throwing curve balls prior to the raid. Consistent curve balls will add a boost to your catch rate, and they're almost necessary for catching a Legendary Pokémon.

Learn Raikou's movement patterns

Raikou's movements may seem erratic at first, but there's a method to the madness. Raikou can double and triple jump, and it often feints, shuffling backwards before going in for another attack. Your best bet here is to wait until an attack animation is 3/4 of the finished and then send your ball flying. This will ensure that your ball lands as soon as the attack animation is finished, no matter what Raikou might have planned next.

This might take some getting used to, but pay attention to those attack patterns and you'll get the gist pretty quickly.

Have you already caught a Raikou? Share your strategy in the comments.

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