Homescapes beginner tips - how to rebuild your family home

Posted by Jessica Famularo on September 27th, 2017
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From the creators of Gardenscapes comes the all new Homescapes, a story-driven match-three game. This time around, you're trying to save your family home, which has fallen into a bit of disrepair over time.

You'll be matching tiles to complete objectives and refurbish each room in your house. The game is not without its challenges, but that's where we come in. We're here to show you the best strategies for making your way through Homescapes' levels.

Save moves where you can

Try to complete levels with as few moves as possible, especially in the easier, early levels. When you have moves left over, they're transformed into special bombs and rockets that can clear out entire rows. Save moves when the going is easy so you can blast your way through trickier levels as necessary.

Make paper planes to clear out levels more quickly

When you match four tiles in a square shape, you'll be rewarded with a special paper plane tile. Paper planes will help you achieve whatever your goal for that level might be with one free move. If you need to clear a certain type of tile, the plane will clear one of that tile, for example. Try to match in square shapes where you can to unlock this helpful tool.

Set aside some coins for boosters

It's tempting to spend all of your coins on decorations and furniture, but try to save a few for some helpful boosters. Boosters can help you clear out large swathes of the board, and get you out of tricky spots need be. They might be the only way you can win a particularly difficult levell, so you'll definitely want to have a few on hand.

Already a happy homemaker? Be sure to share your own Homescapestips in the comments below.

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