With the Winter Olympics coming up, I suppose that it is time to get into the frigid sport of hockey. Sure, we have the NBA All-Star Game coming up, but nothing wakes up a warm blooded American like watching Team USA beat up on other countries. Unfortunately for us, the Nordic European countries and Canada have this knack for beating up on us when it comes to hockey.

So after the disappointment of losing passes, pick up Hockey Nations 2010 and win one for Uncle Sam. Hockey Nations 2010 is the first full hockey simulation on the iPhone, and it is being made with full 3D motion capture. The graphics look fantastic for an iPhone game and hopefully the gameplay is up to the same standard.

Features include:

  • The first full 6 on 6 Ice Hockey simulation game on iPhone/iPod Touch.

  • Take control using touchscreen d-pad and control buttons.

  • Make line changes at the touch of a button.

  • Sin-bin and powerplays

  • Real player movement animation using motion capture.

  • 14 National teams to choose from.

  • Quick play, practice, tournament and league game modes.

  • No waiting for the Zamboni in between periods.

  • Expect Hockey Nations 2010 to be out in March for $4.99.

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