Hitman: Sniper Lines Up a Lethal Dose of Fun Later This Year

Posted by Blake Grundman on June 6th, 2014
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It looks like Agent 47 is at it again. Fresh off of his Editor's Choice garnering first iOS outing in Hitman GO, everyone's favorite assassin is back for more bloodshed.

This time around the ubiquitous manslaughter machine is placed behind the scope of a sniper rifle in the aptly named Hitman: Sniper. Though the details are rather scant as of now, you can bet that we will be hear quite a bit more about the title over the span of E3 week. Oh, and spoiler alert: the game will probably feature players shooting a person or ten. But don't worry, the targets have undoubtedly done something heinous to deserve their strategically-placed hot lead injection.

You can look forward to checking out Hitman: Sniper for yourself when it hits the App Store later this year.

iPhone Screenshots

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Hitman GO screenshot 1 Hitman GO screenshot 2 Hitman GO screenshot 3 Hitman GO screenshot 4 Hitman GO screenshot 5

iPad Screenshots

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Hitman GO screenshot 6 Hitman GO screenshot 7 Hitman GO screenshot 8 Hitman GO screenshot 9 Hitman GO screenshot 10
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