Hipstamatic is about to storm on to Instagram's social network in a new update that lets users share their photos to Instagram directly from Hipstamatic. Part of the reason why Instagram is so popular, boasting over 15 million users, is not just because it's been on the pulse of the filtered photograph trend, but because of its social features. Not only is it easy for users to share photos to their friends on their existing networks, but its own Instagram network has become big in its own right, serving 10 million daily page views of the Instagram website and its photos.

Hipstamatic was about a year ahead of Instagram, and is popular in its own right, with its developers claiming that over 50 million photos are taken from the app on a monthly basis. Now, the app can share photos directly to an Instagram account as well as Twitter, Facebook (with the ability to tag friends directly in Hipstamatic), Tumblr, and even Flickr. As well, photos seen in Instagram with the #Hipstamatic tag can now be viewed directly in Hipstamatic. The new "tag equipment" option will also let users share the information about the photo's equipment and filters along with the photo itself. The free update is available now.


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Released: 2009-12-10 :: Category: Game


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