Euclidean Skies iOS preview screenshot - Fighting on a walkway with a demon nearby

Ah the working week is crawling towards its end. But fret not, dear reader, there's still time for us to share with you the iPhone and iPad games that you should be excited about playing next week. And we reckon there are at least three games on the list that everyone should be getting psyched about right now.

October and November are often the best months for iOS gaming, and it's looking like that's going to be the case this year as well. Every game we've chosen is pretty special, and we hope that you're going to agree with us about that.

If not, well feel free to stick your own suggestions in the comments section at the bottom of the article. No one's perfect, everyone makes mistakes, so be gentle if you think we have. If you're interested in the games that came out this week, click here to check out what's up for this week's game of the week award.

RWBY: Amity Arena

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There's definitely some pedigree behind this one, but it's got some interesting new ideas as well. It looks like there's some MOBA here, as well as some fresh mobile ideas that are going to ensure things don't get stale. We're definitely interested to get our hands on this one and find out whether it's going to live up to the hype.

Euclidean Skies

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The original Euclidean Lands was a brilliant take on the Monument Valley template. It threw stuff in from the Go games, spiced the mix up with a good chunk of combat, and made sure there were enough puzzles to really get you scratching your head. So to say we're excited about the sequel would be underselling things a little.

Idle Skies

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Sometimes you don't want a game to be all up in your face. Sometimes you want it to be soft and kind and not care if you put it down for a while. And that's exactly what you're going to get with Idle Skies. It's a gentle game about watching your numbers go up, but everything that it sets out to do it does with charm, grace, and ingenuity.

Stardew Valley

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What more is there to say about Stardew Valley? It's a game that probably doesn't need an introduction, but if you're not familiar with it why not check out our feature about why our Emily is super excited to play it on mobile. Basically it gives you an adorable second life to live through that isn't as horrid and grey as your real life.


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Is it a shooter? Is it a platformer? Nah, it's sort of both. Shump sees you bouncing up the game world, shooting everything that moves. But sometimes your shooting and jumping are going to be at odds with each other, leaving you with tough choices to make. You'll have to make them quick them, because Shump's arcade sensibilities never give you the chance to grab a breather.

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