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Posted by Chris Hall on October 11th, 2010
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

Imagine going off to a foreign location; let's say China. You're walking around Shanghai, minding your own business, when someone comes and mugs you. Sure, you could just shrug it off (or if you're crazy you could chase them), but what needs to be done is for you to place an emergency call. Unlike the US, where all of the services are lumped into one 911 call, many countries have different numbers for different emergencies. For example, if you're in China (but not in Hong Kong), there is a different number for police, medical, fire, and even traffic emergencies. It's awfully confusing, but don't fret: there's an app for that.

With HelpCall, you can eliminate the confusion (and the need to remember a bunch of numbers) by just hitting the corresponding service that you need. The app features auto location detection and support for 126 countries. In case of extreme emergencies, the app also supports "shake to call," which alerts a desired service in case you can't use your voice.

The app is set up to feature four large buttons, one for police, fire, ambulance, and an emergency contact number. In case you are a stickler for design, everything is retina display optimized to give you the nicest looking buttons HelpCall could muster up.

Next time you go to a foreign land, be sure to pick up HelpCall, just in case.

Help Call

iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad
Released: 2010-10-04 :: Category: Game


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