Is it just me that thinks it’s utterly amazing that women can have an entire life grow inside of them? While I understand all the science behind it, there’s still that little part of me that thinks wow when I think about it. I’m certainly not at that stage in my life yet to have a child but apps like My Baby’s Beat sound awesome.

It’s an app that aims to help you hear your baby’s heartbeat using only the iPhone microphone and a set of regular headphones. There’s a lot of potential benefits here. Understandably, it’s no doubt easy to get paranoid in the last trimester of a pregnancy and worry when your baby’s a bit quiet. Use My Baby’s Beat and you should be able to hear it, instantly putting you at ease. You can then record the heartbeat and email it to anyone you like as well as share it on Facebook which is a pretty cool touch.

The only real caveats are that you do have to make sure that you switch your iPhone to airplane mode throughout using the app just in case. You can also only use it in the final trimester of pregnancy, presumably for the sake of accuracy.

While there’s no way of me testing this out (unless I start accosting pregnant women in the street – probably a bad idea!), it sounds a fantastic concept and one that is bound to entice expectant mothers.

My Baby’s Beat is currently available on sale for $1.99.

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Released: 2011-03-11 :: Category: Medical

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