Hasbro Announces 3D App Experience

Posted by Chris Hall on November 10th, 2010

If the late 2000's/early 2010's have brought us anything, it's the undying corporate love for all things 3D. Even though consumers haven't exactly come out in droves to buy into the technology, TVs, game systems, and movies have all gone 3D, and now the iPhone is now following suit.

Hasbro today has announced their foray into the 3D market with a device that is unlike any other in the app world. Instead of coming up with a 3D hologram gimmick, Hasbro, reportedly in collaboration with Apple, is releasing a fairly massive accessory called My3D. With the device, Hasbro, the toy making giant, is promising three dimensional gaming, realistic virtual travel, and seemingly tangible interactive entertainment.

The device itself looks like a fairly large pair of blue binoculars with a slot to hold an iPhone or iPod Touch. Interestingly, the device is planned to spur an entire 3D segment of the App Store, with some large developers already signed up to work with the device. Dreamworks Animation, with its new hit "Megamind," has signed on, and 3D video content from Sony, the Discovery Channel, and IMAX will be coming shortly. Hasbro is also working with the Los Angeles Convention and Vistors Bureau to 3D travel experiences to the touristy places around LA.

"The idea of being able to be somewhere in Los Angeles, in this 360-degree environment, to be in the shark tank, to be able to swim with the fish and chase after the fish. These are really breakthrough immersive experiences," said Brian Goldner, president and CEO of Hasbro.

No word yet on the release date, but with Apple's support in the development process I'd expect for the My3D to be sitting on the shelves of Apple Store's soon.

Here's hoping that the My3D doesn't go the way of the Virtual Boy... the last in-your-face consumer 3D product that I can remember.

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