With a seemingly neverending stream of physics based puzzlers that offer cute characters, it'd be easy to be rather cynical about each new release of a title in this genre. Fortunately, we try our best here to pick out the cream of the crop and I've got a hopeful feeling that Happy Hills will be one such title.

Set for release September 15th, players must remove blocks from the Happy Hills' heads by placing bombs. One mode is offered at first with players given a limited number of bombs to achieve this goal but future modes are set to be added in later updates. The tradition of earning stars according to success is here with 48 levels in all to unlock as time goes by. Variety should be easy too with each block type having its own personality and weaknesses along with special levels featuring boss blocks as well.

Plenty of updates are already planned with the game initially available for free with a further 47 levels all desert themed purchasable for $0.99. Extra level packs are set to be released in October and November too to keep things enticing.

We'll be keeping an eye on Happy Hills come release day. For now, check out the gameplay trailer below, which - graphically, at least - smacks decidedly of a certain Nintendo-themed platformer we all knw and love.

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