I must admit I was more than a little surprised to see this game on iOS. It's a pretty big hit on the Wii and I know a lot of kids both young and old that really love it. How can a Wii-Motion game / rhythm game translate to iOS? So far, pretty well.

The idea of The Michael Jackson Experience is that you are MJ, dancing away to his greatest hits. In try rhythm game fashion, you trigger events at key beats in the song. These events can be slide left, right, taps, and curve etc. The harder the level, the more events you need to trigger. All timed to and set to everyone's favorite Michael Jackson songs. This version of the game is a port from the PSP Vita version. And while the final list of songs to be included is still being negotiated, you can expect all of the greatest hits here when it releases.

No release date or price has been set, but we're really looking forward to this one. Take a look at the video of the Wii version below for a fairly good idea of what to expect from the iOS port.

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