Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut is an all-new visual companion app that's available on the App Store through iBooks for iPad. Fans of Deadly Premonition are able to use this app to help them on their journey through the game. It features over 350 pages full of information including character bios, detailed maps, and tips that help players discover hidden secrets that are scattered throughout the game.

•Over 100 interactive elements and loads of hidden secrets
•Read Swery 65's developer notebook and gain access to behind the scenes notes, storyboards and secrets that let users learn how the game was created
•Three interactive 'drag & zoom' maps showing everything in the game
•262 Gallery Images featuring never-before-seen concept sketches and high-resolution art
•Play with the 'Listen Here Zach' soundboard, and listen to the game's soundtrack
•Play for hours with new puzzles, games, and the brilliant crime scene creator widget

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