Halfbrick's latest original game for iOS, Jetpack Joyride, finally has an official release date. The game will release worldwide on September 1st, next Thursday. This is still technically a summer release as was originally promised when the game was announced. Halfbrick has also renamed the game from Machine Gun Jetpack to Jetpack Joyride because they felt naming the game after just one type of jetpack was now inaccurate as the game has grown and expanded past just the machine gun jetpack. This endless game has players using their various weaponized jetpacks to avoid airborne perils and take out enemies on the ground, collecting tokens that go toward upgrades and new jetpacks.

While the formerly eponymous machine gun jetpack is still in the game, it is no longer the focus of the game, as a wide variety of jetpacks have been added. A jetpack that shoots rainbows? I do not jest! It is one of many different types of armaments that players will have access to in the game, and can be purchased in the game. The game will feature a mission system where players get more tokens for completing certain tasks, as well as online leaderboards through Game Center and stat tracking of players' performance over time.

Jetpad Joyride will be available on September 1st for $0.99 with universal app support. The video also goes in to what they do to make the game look nicer on the Retina Display and the iPad, particularly the smoothing of the pixel art on the higher-resolution displays. This smoothing may be necessary due to a lot of the source artwork being from Age of Zombies, a game originally released on lower-resolution screens. Check out a new developer diary video below featuring footage of the final game, as well as some new screens of the upcoming title.

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