Sometimes, all I need to sell me on a game title is a few simple details. When Halfbrick announced a game at GDC this week called Machine Gun Jetpack, with recurring protagonist Barry Steakfries from Age of Zombies and Monster Dash, I was immediately intrigued by this game. Of course, my editor wouldn't appreciate it if I just submitted an article with that information alone, so out of the necessity of being actually informative to you, our loyal, valuable, and intelligent readers, here's the skinny on this new game from the developers of Blast Off, Fruit Ninja, Monster Dash, and Age of Zombies.

Machine Gun Jetpack is an endless runner game, where Barry Steakfries pilots the eponymous machine gun jetpack (first seen in Monster Dash) and wreaks havoc on his enemies, all while trying to avoid the obstacles in his way, like lasers and missiles. If Monster Dash's controls were too complicated for you, then you'll be glad to know that Machine Gun Jetpack simplifies the controls down to one button to fire, which also will send you flying upwards, as your machine gun jetpack is so powerful that it lifts you off of the ground. Well, if that is somehow not enough for you, then you also have other weapons to use, such as a Gravity Suit, a Badass Hog, a mech suit called the Lil' Stomper, and the eptly named Crazy Freaking Teleporter. Because, if you're going to have a teleporter, you might as well call it a crazy freaking teleporter.

The game also lets you collect coins to spend on a variety of upgrades, promising things from top hats, to double shields, and, according to Halfbrick themselves, "a jetpack that looks like a shark’s jaws and shoots bullet teeth." This game seems so gleefully over the top, it's hard not to get interested in it. As well, the game will be universal for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. The game isn't scheduled to hit until early this summer, so there's a ways off to go before this game. However, given Halfbrick's impressive track record on iOS, this might be one worth getting excited for.

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