Webzen’s MU Origin hit app stores last year, giving fans of fantasy hack-n-slash MMOs like Diablo a new fix to fixate on. This latest update introduces a competitive guild battle, a fresh dungeon challenge, a mini-game and some elemental gems to boot (not literally to boot!).

The new guild war is a capture-and-defend tournament called Cry Wolf Battle. It tasks guilds level 5 and above with taking over and defending forts from each other. You take on rival online players in real-time, winning rewards for successfully occupying forts of varying difficulty levels. The guild to capture the level 10 fort, which takes place only on Sundays, will receive honorary titles to prove you’re the toughest in all of MU.

If you don’t fancy facing other players, there’s a new dungeon challenge to tackle. Server Dungeon Cry Wolf pits you against 15 waves of enemies, all of whom you’ve got to keep away from the Cry Wolf statue. If they destroy the statue, it’s game over, but keep it intact until the end and you’ll be rewarded EXP, Zen and Wolf Dust! Delicious Wolf Dust…

If you’re wondering what to spend that Wolf Dust on, it can be used to buy Soul Gems. Another addition with this update, Soul Gems are an expansion of the Soul Stones and give your warriors different elemental powers.

It’s a shame there isn’t a Soul Gem for luck, because Dice Hunter is MU Origin’s new mini-game in which your success depends on the roll of the dice. It’s essentially a board game, with tiles offering jewels, treasure chests, boss raids and more, if only you can land on them. You’ll receive five free dice to roll daily, but you can buy more if you want.

That’s enough new stuff to get to grips with. You can download MU Origin from the App Store and Google Play.

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