It's pretty common knowledge now that Google and Apple aren't getting along as much as they used to. In fact, when Google's native 'Voice' application, which mainly allows users of Google's far-reaching social network to send voice-like emails to anyone with an account, was kinda rejected from the App Store, the world reacted.

Just like when Google's native Latitude app was rejected though, the firm took no time over announcing its "slap you back in the face" course of action against Apple, publicly stating its plans to bring the service to both the Apple iPhone and it's android based devices in the near future, via the web. But with no official release date, people (including myself) started to ask when it would happen.

Today, Google have announced its Google Voice web app now works on the iPhone. Using HTML5 the web app provides a clean, crisp and user iterative native-esque experience, providing easy access and Voice functionality you're probably all now familiar if you're lucky enough to have a Google Voice account. The web app centers around a virtual keypad just like you see in, and works as expected. Although, with the app being totally web based, the necessary iPhone OS pop-up confirmations are still present. With the app, you can either dial Google Access numbers, or international numbers and pay Google's low cost rates. Need to see who's been sending you voicemails lately? Just switch to the inbox tab. Here, just like as you would if the app were native, you'll see a list of voicemails, as well as the ability to view or play the message in full and call or text the original sender.

Need to send a message to one of your contacts? Tap compose, and the HTML5 powered web app will bring up the necessary compose tools for you. Maybe you want to easily access certain sections of the web app directly from your iPhone's homescreen? As you would with other sites you can add a webclip icons which lead directly to these sections the usual way, from Mobile Safari.

Finally, Google Voice on the iPhone .. even if it is a web app. Yes, I'm looking at you Apple.

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