Google owned company, Slide, is currently in public beta testing for a new photo sharing app, Photovine. The app released yesterday, and is available on the App Store, though users will need a beta invite to actually use it. Interestingly enough, the app is not available for Google's own Android operating system.

Photovine distinguishes itself from similar photo sharing apps like Instagram with themed sharing albums, called vines. In the video below, one user takes a photo of a pomeranian puppy, titles it "warm and fuzzy," and passes it on to a friend. Other friends pick up on the theme and send along various photos to enrich it, including a big, friendly guy with a hairy chest in a speedo swimsuit. Check it out:

Heading to the app home page, users currently see a basic splash page with a button to request an invite, the teaser video, and a privacy policy page that shows the company's Google connection. The tagline, "plant a photo, watch it grow," is also clearly visible. Support is currently only an email address.


iPhone & Apple Watch App - Designed for iPhone and Apple Watch, compatible with iPad
Released: 2010-10-06 :: Category: Game


[Source: LA Times]

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