Google Instant Making iOS Debut

Our Review by Brad Hilderbrand on November 8th, 2010
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Google's time-saving search suggestion service is now available to those surfing the web on iOS devices.

If you find yourself running a Google search on your iPhone or iPad and you find the results popping up as you type, don't be alarmed, just be excited you're a part of the advancement of technology. Google has confirmed that they have begun rolling out Google Instant across mobile devices, and some iOS users are getting their first taste of truly instantaneous search results.

For those unfamiliar with Google Instant, it displays instant search results as you type based on popularity, current trends and other analytics, theoretically saving time as you try and find what you're looking for. The service works extremely well if you're searching for popular topics or hot news items, but can be a bit less helpful if you're looking up more obscure information. Still, for folks who need info right now it will likely be a helpful addition.

The service, which is currently in beta, can be turned on simply by tapping the link underneath the search bar on the Google homepage. Google Instant should be available to anyone in the US running iOS 4, and the company is saying that if you don't see the option to use it then a quick page refresh should do the trick. I just checked on my iPod Touch to confirm the service is up and working, and at least here on the East Coast things seem to be hunky dory.

Google Instant is a lovely little time-saver but there are definitely those out there annoyed by the service. After all, if you type in "Lady" expecting to find Macbeth but instead get Gaga it can be grounds for irritation. Instant also isn't advised for those who get easily distracted, as the images that pop up in the above example may lead you to forget all about your literature paper and instead spend hours wondering how a human being fits into such dresses, let alone performs in them.

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