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Posted by Campbell Bird on August 30th, 2018
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Golfing Around may not be as crazy as other Colin Lane golf games, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be difficult. On the contrary, playing a more straightforward golf game is actually pretty tough. You don’t have any fancy tricks up your sleeve to use. It’s just you, your clubs, and the course.

If you want to really hone your skill at Golfing Around, we have you covered. Check out our tips below.

Patience is key

Just like in real golf, slow and steady is they key to success in Golfing Around. Make sure you check the map multiple times, tweak your angles to account for the wind, and when you go to make your shot, don’t release unless you’re absolutely positive you’re going to nail it.

Although holding the power meter might just seem like it will make you hit the strongest shot possible at first, this actually isn’t the case. Holding your shot will top out the meter for a few seconds, but then slowly decrease in power before rising again. This is useful both to make sure you’re hitting your ball with the right amount of oomph and to also let more advanced players can hook their shots in just the right way.

Use the map to line up your shot

A lot of golf games don’t let you adjust your shot while you’re looking at the course map, but Golfing Around does. This is a really nifty feature for a few reasons and can save you from some really embarrassing shots.

The best thing about lining up your shot from the map view is that it allows you to see where your ball will land. The standard view doesn’t. Additionally, the map view gives you a longer and better indicator of your shot’s trajectory, which can be really useful for precisely lining up shots. Even on putts, using the map view makes it easy to make sure you’re on target, even if you’re mere feet from the hole.

Where a ball lands is NOT where it stops

The flip side to depending on the map view in Golfing Around is that it’s not a very good indicator of what your ball will do once it hits the ground. The map gives a great view of where your ball will land after a long shot, but after that your ball will most definitely bounce and roll around the grass before coming to a stop.

It’s super important to keep this in mind while playing Golfing Around, because failing to do so will ensure you’ll overshoot almost everything. Put in the time to figure out how balls move when bouncing on the fairway and green and let that be your guide, not just the map.

Go for the long putt

If you hit a shot in Golfing Around and it skips just over the green, the game will prompt you to make your next shot with a chipper. While you’re more than welcome to use such a club on a shot like this, it may actually be easier to just make a long putt.

Switching to a putter in these scenarios and looking at your shot in the map view will make it look like you can’t get the distance for your shot to make it in the hole, but this is actually not true. For some reason, the power estimates of the putter when it’s not on the green are just flat-out wrong. Putting is easier in these situations because keeping the ball on the ground eliminates wind and bounce variables, allowing for a much more consistent shot.

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