.. And the new year App Store sales just keep coming! Yesterday we got a tip from one of the more prominent iPhone development studios on the store, Glu Mobile, who told us that starting today, Friday, January 8th, they'll be staging a new year app blowout sale. Running this coming weekend only, the sale will see the studios well-loved hit titles such as Family Guy: Uncensored, Glyder and Bonsai Blast (among others), drop in price to just $0.99 each!

The sale will end the evening of Monday January 11th. Check out the full list of the apps on sale below, along with a short, quick-fire description of each to help you on your way with the decision to buy ..

Beat It! is a fresh take on the music game genre. Part beat machine, part music creation tool, the app sees you listening to the playback of a certain preset track, and afterward, sees you laying down various different notes in a bid to try and match the original beat played.

[itmsapp: 335583964]

Heavily inspired by Popcap's ZUMA, Bonsai Blast is a colorful match-3 game which involves you shooting marbles to cause a chain reaction. With 90 levels over two playing modes and a well-designed interface, Bonsai Blast is a must for fans of Bejeweled, Tetris, Puzzlelopp or Wurdle.

[itmsapp: 298410235]

Pretty self explanatory, Brain Genius Deluxe™ stretches your brain to its ultimate limits, testing you on all sorts of mathematical, scientific and memory-based activities. The app includes 23 fun games, plus two full bonus games; Sudoku, and Tangram.

[itmsapp: 317354244]

Build-a-lot is a property-based strategy game. In it, you get to build, buy and sell houses. Mastered houses? Build your way up to become kind of the commercial properties too, including cinemas, ice rinks fire stations and more! The game houses 37 levels in 8 different types of neighborhood.

[itmsapp: 309458379]

Cooking Star lets you become a star chef, allowing you to virtually cook up mouth-watering offerings. Remember when you're mom said stop playing with your food? .. Well now, you can. Touching, flicking and tilting your way to success, the app includes 10 mini-games, including the new recently added 'Salad' game!

[itmsapp: 310335785]

Cops and Robbers is a 3D immersive title that has you trying to evade the fuzz by means of anything necessary. Having over 9 unique levels, you run and rob your way to success, pulling some seriously acrobatic moves along the way ..

[itmsapp: 311832079]

Family Guy. Come'on! Who doesn't like a bit of comedy sitcom? Family Guy: Uncensored sees character cameos from the hit US sitcom come to life! Playing through 40 levels across 8 fun-filled (and sometimes truly outrageous) mini games, the app offers character interactions and cut-aways from the series in this admittedly addictive game.

[itmsapp: 329676142]

Flying around a colorful, ambient world you aim to collect as many magic crystals as possible. With over 35 achievements to collect and master, you'll fly through 6 imaginative lands.

[itmsapp: 310466653]

Glyder 2 is the sequel to Glyder, and just as with the original, Eryn yet any finds herself in a strange magical land. Collecting crystals you aim to explore 6 all new worlds to their fullest, uncovering new hidden mysteries with every new trip.

[itmsapp: 340993272]

Set in a cartoon psychedelic world, Mini Golf Wacky Worlds combines crazy golf with awesome animation. Pick up your club and get ready to tee off in this fantasy world of golfing heaven.

[itmsapp: 324021811]

Set out in the dark deep reaches of space, Space Monkey will see you take on the mission of helping 'Cosmos' the monkey stay clean. Grabbing, dodging and reflecting, the aim of the game is to snatch up all the rubbish out there in this frantic dodge-marathon!

[itmsapp: 284419048]

Super KO Boxing 2 is a fully animated boxing simulation game which sees you taking on your opponent with full force. With a slurry of different gaming modes, and the ability to listen to your own music from iPod.app, Super KO Boxing 2 brings the old fashioned beatdown to iPhone.

[itmsapp: 331516531]

Catch a cab, quick! Taxi Fight! is a 2D stragey game in which your sole goal is to successfully flag a taxi down on the dark wet city streets. Tap a passenger and watch as they scurry to hail that cab. Make them wait too long though, and they'll explode - literally. Oh, and watch out. If one of your passengers gets ran over - it's game over, boyo.

[itmsapp: 334426176]

A fun app, TRANSFORMERS™ CyberToy is one of the official apps in association with Michael Bay's hit million dollar movie franchise. The app sees you trying to solve transformation puzzles which various classic transformers from the original series.

[itmsapp: 318682382]

Shoot from amateur to legend with World Series of Poker Hold’em Legend in this realistic Las Vegas-esque electronic experience of the age-old game of Texas Hold'Em Poker. With multiplayer and peer-to-peer head to head via bluetooth, the game doesn't have to stop at just you and the computer.

[itmsapp: 336677885]

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