Today, giik Products has announced their launch and the launch of their new product line, which is aimed at the "most devoted smartphone and tablet users." According to giik, their main selling point is "+1 Connectivity Versatility," meaning that every product in their range has one extra feature not usually found in similar products. The current giik product range includes car chargers, cassette adapters, headset splitters, and more.

giik Products can be found now on Amazon, in Fry's electronics stores, and on the Fry's website.

  • PartyTalk Headset Splitter - Connect 2 headsets to the Giik Splitter to listen to music or movies on one smart phone, tablet or laptop. Giik’s exclusive PartyTalk feature allows 2 users to speak and listen to a friend using 1 phone.

  • Stereo Audio Cable + Mic Adapter Tip - enables a user to share audio on the car speakers and allow others in the back seat to participate in the conversation and still be heard.

  • Long Length Micro HDMI Cable Kit - Connect HD movies, presentations, music or pictures from your smartphone, tablet or other HDMI laptop to HDTVs and projectors in living rooms, hotels, offices & conference rooms.

  • Micro Car Charger with Pull Tab - allows users to connect and charge up to two smartphones at the same time.

  • Cassette Adapter for smartphones - allows users to share music on car speakers with any 3.5mm mobile device.

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