Are you ready to fight some aliens? Because Crescent Moon Games has released the retro shooter Get Me Outta Here on iOS devices today.

Get Me Outta Here is a retro arena shooter developed by the mobile game dev team the Rossman Bros. Like the game, Crescent Moon Games released a retro 80s trailer to announce the game's launch on iOS devices.

The trailer is basically an 80s dream where Get Me Outta Here's retro aesthetic is showed off in a cute little sketch full of nostalgia kitsch. The game is advertised through a haze of neon and lo-fi graphics, but the trailer does a great job getting the game's look and feel across.

In GetMe Outta Here players get to control a grizzled, albeit balding, 80s hero as he finds himself alone in a fight against a horde of aliens in this throwback arena shooter. There are plenty of different alien guns, power-ups, and different combat modes as you fight crazy alien bosses in stylish retro graphics. If you enjoy games like Contra or Metal Slug, Get Me Outta Here will be perfect for you.

Get Me Outta Here is free-to-play now on the App Store.

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