Gangstar New Orleans beginner's guide

Posted by Jessica Famularo on April 4th, 2017
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The Gangstar series made its return last week, serving up more GTA-esque open world antics. As you might have guessed, the game travels to New Orleans, where you turn to a life of crime in the deep south. With the game's expansive city, there are plenty of opportunities to stir up some trouble, but really making your name in the bayou's underbelly requires a certain level of finesse. Fortunately we're here to help you as you take your first steps to becoming a criminal mastermind.

Safety first

Sure, it's not flashy or cool, but no one survives in the world of organized crime for very long without some necessary precautions. When doing missions, be sure to stay in cover and prepare a plan of attack. Missions can get tough, so you'll want to seek shelter in gunfights, and make sure you have your strongest arsenal equipped.

Keep your eyes open for secret goodies

You may be tempted to breeze through the missions, and we really can't blame you. Quests are fun! But there is a lot of value in simply exploring, too. This is an open world game, after all. You will find a lot of valuable, hidden items that will come in handy as you complete missions later in the game. Even if you're already in a quest, take some time to poke around and see what may be lying around just out of sight.

Build up your gang and your turf

You may be the supreme crime lord, but you won't keep that title for very long without the help of your cronies. Send thugs out to do your dirty work collecting rewards, or keep them at your turfs around town to protect your territory from rival gangs. You'll need to strike a balance between sending them out on errands and keeping them home for defense. Both are vital for the success of your gang.

Are you the most reviled criminal in all of New Orleans? Share your own expertise in the comments.

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