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Korean mobile game publisher turned global iOS publishing dynamo Gamevil has unveiled their latest title for iOS, Arel Wars. This title has players leading units in battles against their opponents, by summoning units to defend their tower, and to capture their enemy’s tower, all on a multi-plane two-dimensional battlefield. The game boasts content in large numbers, from over 50 units to use in battle, to over 120 levels to fight in over three separate campaigns. Are 120 levels not pleasing enough? Demand far more from the game? Well, consumer, Gamevil offers asynchronous head-to-head online multiplayer against other users around the globe. Arel Wars also comes with the colorful anime-inspired art style that Gamevil is known for. Arel Wars is currently available for the iPhone and iPod touch (no iPad native support yet), and is available as a free to play title, with the ability to purchase both cash and gold through in-app purchases to go toward items, skills, and boosters.

iPhone App - Designed for the iPhone, compatible with the iPad
Released: 2011-12-12 :: Category: Games

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