Zenonia made its debut back in May as one of the first "real" RPG experiences for the iPhone. The months haven't done much to tarnish its popularity, which is hardly surprising given its quality. (Check out our review.) Now, the folks at Gamevil are teasing us with details about the upcoming sequel, which will be titled Zenonia 2: The Lost Memories.

The game is expected to launch in March and comes with a list of new features. First, instead of playing at the generic Regret from the original Zenonia, players will have the option to chose from four distinct characters, one each from the Paladin, Shooter, Magician, and Warrior classes. These new classes should add some variety to the gameplay...especially as the Shooter and Magician classes will feature ranged attacks. Zenonia 2 will also feature new difficulty modes: Normal, Hard, and Hellish. Playing Normal will be a decent choice for new players, but only within the Hard and Hellish modes will players be able to get unique loot and access a hidden boss stage. Terrain effects (water, snow, ice, etc) will also add a bit of a twist to the realm.

Perhaps most interesting, however, is the addition of asynchronous PvP. While it's not quite full-fledged live battling, you'll be able to download your friends' characters to compete against. We don't know much more yet, but this sounds like a tantalizing new feature.

With a tentative March release date, Zenonia 2 is quickly approaching. The first Zenonia was an exceptional game that still marks a standard for iPhone RPGs; I can't wait to see what Gamevil finally produces for its sequel. This is one to watch!

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