I had the pleasure of talking with the folks at Namco today, and got a sneak peak at three of their upcoming games. They assure me that there are TONS of new gaming announcements for the iOS platform in the coming weeks, so stay tuned here and at The Portable Gamer to get the full scoop as the details filter in.

For now, though, here’s what I got to take a look at:

Mishap: An Accidental Haunting is, of all things, a hidden object game. Wait wait, don’t leave yet. This is a visually stunning, fully animated and voiced hidden object game with some seriously fun mini games thrown in for good measure.

Bit.trip Beat is the first musical chiptune game from Namco, originally developed by Gaijin Games for the Wiiware service. Namco took the game in house to develop the iOS port, multiplayer and DLC content, and is currently polishing up the final game for release soon.

Read about all three new games at The Portable Gamer.

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