FISHLABS has just updated Galaxy on Fire – Alliance with some new content, called “Different Worlds.”

The update includes visual and play enhancements/improvements. According the the release information from FISHLABS, “the complete overhaul of the 3D models of all structures in the game, for example, adds more details on the one hand while simultaneously boosting the in-game performance on the other. And the manual server selection, which had been high on the community’s wish list for months, not only enables the players to choose the servers they want to play on manually, but also to operate differing accounts on different servers on the same device. The restructured tutorial, in turn, helps newbie players to familiarize themselves with the complex gaming mechanics of Galaxy on Fire™ – Alliances more quickly and internalize the basic moves and maneuvers more efficiently.”

The new updates adds in some fresh concepts such as heat map and limited time special deals and events feature.

Galaxy on Fire – Allinaces is available for free on the App Store.