Galaxy Factions Gets a Nice Big Update - Adds New Gameplay Modes, Makes Heroes Even More Heroic

Posted by Rob Rich on February 13th, 2014
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Galaxy Factions, that one game with the boxing robo-panda, has been updated with a whole lotta stuff. First and foremost are the improvements to the hero system. Heroes are now usable once they've been unlocked, may be deployed using Energus, may be promoted using medals, and will level-up. Other changes include a new ninja hero, a War Room chat, and a new Survival mode that lets players earn more medals and resources by fending off waves of enemies.

You can check out the full list of changes below, and can download the newly-updated Galaxy Factions for free.

1.Improved troop engineer's AI
2.Alliance Portal is initially on base and powered down
3.Alliance Portal's defense area shows on opponent's base
4.Scout tower's range shows when selected on base
5.Added 1 new hero: Ninja-based Hero
6.Added 2 more leaderboard types for Top Player and Top Friends: Perfect PvP Offensive Wins, and Defensive Wins
7.Added an Alliance "War Room" chat (officers-only chat room)
8.Improved daily login rewards
9.Improved hero system:
•Added leveling system for heroes
•No need to hire a hero anymore; hero can be deployed using Energus
•Once a hero is unlocked, it's usable
•Hero can be promoted by Medals
10.Added new gameplay mode: Survival Mode; defend against waves of AI enemies to earn resources and Medals
11.Mines do not need to replaced anymore; directly recover them using crystals on base after they have been exploded
12.Mines can be upgraded to increase damage
13.Added Fuel resource to limit PvE fights

iPhone Screenshots

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Galaxy Factions screenshot 1 Galaxy Factions screenshot 2 Galaxy Factions screenshot 3 Galaxy Factions screenshot 4 Galaxy Factions screenshot 5

iPad Screenshots

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Galaxy Factions screenshot 6 Galaxy Factions screenshot 7 Galaxy Factions screenshot 8 Galaxy Factions screenshot 9 Galaxy Factions screenshot 10
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