Fruit Ninja is just winding up everywhere, which seems appropriate for a game where fruits are routinely destroyed. As comedy legend Gallagher taught us, destroying fruit is messy and it just gets everywhere. Like Fruit Ninja's reach, which is now popular enough to inspire plush toys based on the game. There's not only a toy for the Sensei, but there's also a half-sliced watermelon with eyes. They're happy, cute eyes, not the eyes of sadness and regret that should be directed at one who would so callously attempt to slice them in half. Created in cooperation with ToyFoundry, the Sensei and watermelon are now available from the Fruit Ninja online store.

But still, Fruit Ninja is a game first and foremost, and besides a brief interlude with Puss in Boots, there has yet to be a true sequel to the game. The operative word there is yet, as according to noted gaming publication, the Illawarra Mercury, Halfbrick is now opening up a studio in Sydney, Australia. This studio is going to make the next version of the Fruit Ninja series. It sounds like it's going to be a departure from the other games in the series, as now the fruit will be on the attack against those reckless fruit-slicing ninjas. According to Australian Deputy Premier Andrew Stoner, "The new game will involve players launching a series of fruit to knock ninjas off their towers in a 3D world, with each fruit having special powers." While Australian politicians leaking details about unannounced games is new, the mobile gaming industry is all about new frontiers!

The game is due out sometime in 2012, and will launch first on iOS before spreading out to other platforms. This will be a title to keep an eye on, considering the franchise's already massive popularity. This new gameplay style will be interesting to see how it works compared to the current game. But from the sounds of it, that cute sliced watermelon might just be able to get his revenge just yet.

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