Halfbrick, the developer behind Fruit Ninja, has reason to be proud. The fast-paced fruit-slicing game has won many hearts. Our own Carter Dotson, reviewing the HD version, wrote that "The game is simple and addictive. It’s the kind of basic mechanic anyone can pick up and enjoy in seconds, and keep playing for hours, especially in Zen mode, where the quest for high scores can keep you playing for long periods of time." Fruit Ninja has apparently won over App Store customers as well, and is now celebrating its 6 millionth sale.

But how exactly should Halfbrick celebrate? Apparently, they want to make amends. Luke Muscat, lead designer of Fruit Ninja, remarks that without growing fruit, there won't be any more fruit to slice! The press release continues:

To celebrate the sales and make amends for fruit death worldwide, Halfbrick has partnered with the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation to help give something back to juice lovers. Yep, there is a charity specifically dedicated to growing fruit! The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation plants orchards around the world to benefit communities and the environment. Halfbrick has committed to sponsoring a fully functioning orchard in a low-income Native American community as part of FTPF’s Reservation Preservation program. The harvests will not only provide fresh, healthy sustenance but also income for the long-term benefit of the tribe.

A little whimsical? Well, naturally (have you seen Fruit Ninja?). However, sponsoring an orchard sounds like a great way to mark a milestone, as it not only resonates with Fruit Ninja's theme but hopefully can make an impact as well. The developers promise that you'll be able to monitor the orchard's progress through their blog. Halfbrick is also teasing that some new content for the game itself is in the works. Mm, tasty.

Congratulations to Halfbrick for hitting 6 million—and for coming up with such a creative way to celebrate it!

Fruit Ninja

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2010-04-20 :: Category: Game


Fruit Ninja HD

iPad App - Designed for iPad
Released: 2010-07-14 :: Category: Game


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