The Economist World in Figures 2011 Edition.

This iPhone reference app pubslihed by The Economist Magazine has facts and stats about over 190 countries around the globe. Whether looking for trivia or doing market research The World in Figures has tons of data and the ability to let users compare countries side-by-side.

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Released: 2011-07-19 :: Category: Reference

Futurama Head in a Jar

From the sublime to the silly, but fun. MTV released Futurama Head in a Jar on the tail of Comic-Con – where it was previewed – as a free iPhone entertainment app this week. As the name implies, users get to create their own Groening-style heads with customizable hair, eyes, and even species. The decapitated go right into the Head Museum where head-collections can live on prominently displayed on shelves of their own.


NASA Visualization Explorer

The space shuttle’s missions have been grounded permanently now, but that doesn’t mean reaseach done in space is dead. There is the International Space Station, of course, but NASA also has a fleet of research spacecraft in use as well. Nasa Viz allows iPad users to access the most advanced research findings from those vehicles along with videos on space-related topics. The app contains stunning photographs, lots of text information and both mini documentaries and animated simulations. NASA promises one fresh story a week.


There’s been a veritable flood of hot new games released in the last week from almost every major gamehouse. Konami’s entry, Gesundheit! is the one we most want to just stop and look at. It’s an arcade puzzler with solid gameplay, but the hand-drawn art elements both in the cut-scenes and within the game itself are nothing short of breath taking. The soundtrack is almost as pleasing to the ears as the graphics are to the eyes. We can’t wait to start playing.




TableTop is a portable expandable recording studio for iPad. Users are presented with a variety of devices: samplers, mixers and sequencers, and many more modular devices for IAP to be arranged and used as the project demands. The GUI is clean and while it seems intended for serious musicians, users with little experience are reporting they are able to make some great-sound tracks too.

iPad Only App - Designed for the iPad
Released: 2011-07-28 :: Category: Music

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