Time to take destruction to a microscopic level. You control a tiny nano robot. Your mission is to destroy nasty viruses that are infecting healthy cells. Take your nanobot across four worlds in hopes of stopping the spread of horrid viruses in this 3D Arkanoid style game. Achievements will ensure those speedy completionists come back to better their times again and again.

Dark Maze:
Wandering through brightly lit mazes is far too simple. Dark Maze will pit your navigational skills to the test. You will use flares to briefly light up your surroundings in hopes of finding your way out. No two mazes are ever the same thanks to randomly generated mazes. Mix things up by entering in words and numbers to complicate mazes even further. No amount of Google Maps will help you get to your destination here!

Terra is quite possibly one of the more ambitious role-playing games to hit the App Store in recent days. This game goes well beyond character customization and great story lines. Start with a staggering 250 levels of play, 15 skills, and 300 different kinds of equipment to really add to your character. Then dive through 17 dungeons to battle 50 different enemies and bosses. By the time you finish the game, you may question if this is really a phone you are playing on.

Scene Study:
Time to leave bulky paper scripts at home. Scene Study was designed by actors for actors. You can enter in a single scene, or an entire production. Record in your cue lines, actively participate in a scene, and easily repeat a troublesome scene with ease. Audio playback will even help you listen to yourself to help you produce the best possible delivery of your lines. An easy to navigate interface help keep you studying lines and not fighting cumbersome input methods. You may never look at paper scripts the same way again.

Blogging Ideas:
Blogs have grown from simple journals of one-person ramblings to massive corporate productions. Even with the massive growth of blogs, there are some people who have yet to dip their toes into the blogosphere. If you are one such person, Blogging Ideas is here to help get you started. This app will help you with techniques, sales, ideas, and even answer the question of why to blog. Experienced bloggers may even find a little something to help give them the edge in a sea of ramblings.

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