FrEEday Vol 38

Posted by Chris Nitz on March 25th, 2011

Shoot Monsters AR:
Take augmented reality games to a funny monster filled world. This game not only lets you battle monsters in your cubicle, but it also lets you use photos on your iPhone to create new stages. Three modes of play give you plenty to do while you hunt monsters in every nook and cranny of your office. Perfect for those long Monday afternoons!
[itmsapp: 424181088]

Real Shooter:
Real Shooter takes the augmented shooting game and combines it with tactile warfare. This game brings in real guns, a military like mission setting, and locations limited only by your imagination. If you have fantasies of living out Call of Duty like sessions, this is the game for you.
[itmsapp: 425123682]

The 80’s are making a comeback! No, you don’t need to run out looking for stonewash jeans or dig through your closet looking for your New Kids on the Block mix tape. However, your reflexes and memory will be challenged with this virtual game of Simon. Leaderboard and achievements give you plenty to aim for as you hone your skills. This may look simple, but it challenged many kids during their recess sessions!
[itmsapp: 412842007]

Blackjack 88:
Need a quick game of Blackjack, but don’t have anyone to play against? Blackjack 88 has your card gaming fix. The game includes large casino like cards, an easy to use interface, and even Game Center support. You can leave your bag of dimes at home, as this only requires virtual currency.
[itmsapp: 426424525]

Glam Joe Ultimate:
This game carries a rather daring tagline. It claims that only 5 out of 100 people can get through all 40 levels. The challenge is to push boxes around a maze. Players must get the boxes to predetermined areas, but the boxes may only be pushed around the stage. Each stage increases the difficulty and promises to challenge even the most intellectual gamer. Are you one of those 5 people?
[itmsapp: 421660497]

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