Only a month after its release, Rovio has released its first update to Angry Birds title, Angry Birds Space. This new update includes levels and Space Eagles for everyone!

The game now has ten new levels set on icy planets. In addition to the free new levels, all iOS players will be receiving free Space Eagles. These avians are a bit different from the Eagle in the previous Angry Birds games. Instead of destroying all pigs on a level, the Space Eagle creates a large explosion in a set area of a level. While still incredibly powerful, it doesn’t instantly finish a level for players. Now all updated iOS players will receive twenty of the mighty birds. Also, each daily login will grant one free Space Eagle for players.

Angry Birds Space puts a new spin on the popular phyiscs-based sling-shot game. The birds are now flinging themselves at pigs in a zero gravity atmosphere. These new, slow-motion puzzles with competing gravity from various planets puts a new spin on the familiar Angry Birds gameplay.

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Released: 2012-03-22 :: Category: Games


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