Uh-oh. Looks like my productivity is going to take a sharp drop in the next few days, as I load up Arcane Legends’ new expansion, Kraken Isles, which Spacetime Studios claims is full of “mythical pirate peril” to the popular and free mobile MMO, also available on Android and the Chrome Web store.

arr, mateys: click to see me in bigger view!

Features Include:
Level cap raised 5 levels to 26
New Kraken Isles adventure areas
Travel by ship
Added pirate Aegir foes and bosses
Pirate themed armor and weapons to collect
New Mythic and Arcane rarity items – the most powerful ever!
Season 3 of the Leaderboards
Pets now available in Player vs. Player combat
Additional Achievements
New pets to collect, including the Toucan and Monkey

source: Arcane Legends