Forget Time Capsules, Tappy Memories Preserves Your Experiences

Posted by Blake Grundman on September 9th, 2010
iPad App - Designed for iPad

It is a law of nature that nearly everyone must have an obnoxious relative that insists on telling the same damn story at every single family gathering. Wouldn't life just be so much better if there were a person that could sit in for you during these quaint "logic intermissions?" Well, ask and ye shall receive...

From developer El-Hitamy I&T comes an innovative new application, Tappy Memories. Remember that longwinded family member mentioned earlier? This will be just what the doctor ordered because not only will it listen, record, and even store these story sessions, but it will even ask MORE QUESTIONS! Think of this as a personal digital journal (eat your heart out, Doogie Howser!) that is just waiting to be filled with your memories. Some of the key features are:

  • Built in questions and unique interview style help you conquer the blank page.
  • Record your answers using the iPad’s built in microphone.
  • Answer the questions yourself or ask a loved one the questions you’ve always wanted answered.
  • Look up events and dates through Wikipedia or Google using the built in browser.
  • Add a photo that helps bring the story to life.
  • Ability to reorder and delete questions.
  • Add your own questions to the app.
  • Your entries are secure with built in passcode.
While I am not a historian by any stretch of the imagination, the usefulness of this application immediately jumped out at me. For those that have aging family members, this would be the perfect way to preserve their classic anecdotes for future generations. Even more importantly, it can be used to record family histories that have traditionally be passed down through word of mouth. This is the kind of tool that would be a genealogist's dream; the fact that it has the ability to share with others further adds to the appeal.

So if you are looking for someone (or rather, something) to talk to, write to, or even share pictures with, Tappy Memory may be right up your alley. I will try to restrain my inner ego-manic from running off to buy this now. After all, who wouldn't want to hear every luscious word of what I have to say? If Justin Bieber can sell his memoirs at sixteen, I sure as hell must have something interesting to reminisce about.


Tappy Memories

iPad App - Designed for iPad
Released: 2010-09-02 :: Category: Game


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