If you’re a big fan of RPG games and you enjoy the design, and customization that goes into city-building Gladiator Heroes may be an excellent choice for you.

Gladiator Heroes is a new RPG game that offers so much more than combat. Genera Games have brought you something completely unique and original by perfectly balancing RPG and construction simulation.

If that wasn’t enough to intrigue you, the game is set in possibly, the most iconic city in the world, Rome and it’s up to you to build, manage and defend this glorious city.

You have total freedom of movement around a city that holds over 25 striking buildings. Explore, defend and conquer ancient landmarks such as, Jupiter’s Temple, Catania and Coliseum.

The game offers every player ample responsibility over the construction and resistance of the city and ultimately, its success.

In addition to construction the game offers a diverse map to keep you entertained, which is constantly updated with new arenas to explore, in fascinating locations such as a chilling tundra and sweltering deserts.

Once you have built an awesome city and you’re proud of your accomplishment, you need to defend it to the death and whilst you’re at it destroy the enemy and conquer some equally sweet, new worlds.

Gladiator Heroes offers a wide range of tremendous gladiators and each one is unique in their own right. Choose them carefully; they come with charming chiseled features, sword shattering armor and immense speed.

As your empire grows steadily more affluent, your choice of gladiators and their weaponry will increase. Wealth brings a greater choice and access to stronger, more deadly defenders.

The game offers a huge amount of content to explore, so much so, you can enjoy creating a prosperous empire alongside managing a hand selected team of gladiators. Take your time perfecting and training each gladiator and add a little personality to each warrior by changing their name and outfit along the way.

Feel free to explore, change and utilize a range of awesome arenas, original in every way. Immerse yourself in a stadium engulfed in flames or icy snow.

The combat system is notably original, it is easy to pick up and your progression is noticeably recognized and rewarded with broader skills, weaponry and gold.

Once you’re satisfied with your brutish, force of gladiators, you can utilize their talents further by strategically placing them against your opponents, this is especially fun if you’re playing multiplayer.

The bravery and strength of Roman gladiators is captured effortlessly in every strike and stun. Every victory brings you closer to the obtaining the most powerful empire in the world.

The original content, complexity and originality sets Gladiator Heroes apart from its competition effortlessly.

We caught up with Genera Games after the launch and learnt more about the challenges they faced, any exciting updates in store and how the game transferred from board game to epic RPG.

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