For those of you who have, need, or are interested in databases, Filemaker Pro is the most complete database software offered on the Mac platform (it’s also on the PC but I’m not familiar enough with thePC version to make any claims). Compared to other database software platforms, it is fairly easy to use, and more importantly, easy to keep up with. It isn’t as easy to use as Filemaker’s other software, Bento, but if you are building a large, complex database, it’s far and away the best choice.

Filemaker Go is the mobile platform for Filemaker Pro. It allows users to view, edit, and search Filemaker Pro records that are either on the server, or loaded directly to your iDevice via iTunes file sharing.

The new version, version 1.1, lets users do three critical things that the previous version didn’t allow:

  1. Filemaker Go can now produce PDF’s from within the app. “This feature lets mobile users easily save and distribute reports, create invoices, and share project status directly from their iPad or iPhone.”
  2. The new update now lets you insert photos that were taken with, or are stored in, your iDevice. Photos stored in the Filemaker database can also be emailed out to others.
  3. Other file types within your database, such as the database itself, can be emailed directly from Filemaker Go

“FileMaker Go for iPhone and FileMaker Go for iPad have stirred up huge excitement in the FileMaker community and beyond. Initial acceptance has been strong and this is just the beginning,” said Ryan Rosenberg, vice president of marketing and services for FileMaker, Inc. “With these free updates, we are already making both apps even more powerful and adding new ways to share information remotely.”

iPhone App - Designed for the iPhone, compatible with the iPad
Released: 2010-07-20 :: Category: Business

iPad Only App - Designed for the iPad
Released: 2010-07-20 :: Category: Business

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