Elemental Combat is a multiplayer game that challenges you to blast away your foes with fire and various other elements. In VR though, not in real life.

You cast these moves with your real hands though, thanks to motion controls. Think The Last Airbender but far cooler and you're along the right lines.

Each move is based on one of the four different elements of air, earth, water, and fire - each of which has a different strength and weakness. Fire is very offensive, but lacks defence for example.

Selecting your favourite element and developing a playstyle is a huge part of the fun here. By the time you're an expert you'll really feel like your style is unique.

You'll do all of this in two different modes. There's a single player that teaches you the basics before you take them into battle with you in multiplayer.

That serves like an FPS, with you performing moves on your friends to defeat them so you have a higher score by the end.

Elemental Combat took the top prize as Best VR Game at the PGC XR Helsinki Indie Competition, and even ended up as a runner up best XR Game.

So stop wasting time and go and grab Elemental Combat right now on Steam. It's even 10% off right now to celebrate the launch.

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