Favorite Four: Music Discovery

Posted by Kevin Stout on May 4th, 2011

With my recent review of Music Hunter, I'm in the mood to share my favorite apps for music discovery in this weeks Favorite Four.

Music Hunter
Since I already mentioned Music Hunter, let's start with that. Despite its cheesy name, Music Hunter provides an experience rivaled by no other music app. The app is visually pleasing and has an almost limitless potential (I think the samples it uses are pulled from iTunes). I've already browsed for a few hours in my couple of days with the app and added a ton of songs to my favorites list. While the app is only $0.99, it will lead to MUCH more spending from leading users to buy tons of music (except for those those shady pirates). Unfortunately for iPhone users, Music Hunter is iPad only.
[itmsapp: 431189495]

Rdio isn't a direct music discovery tool, but it definitely aids the music discovery process. Rdio is one of three major music subscriptions services (Rhapsody and MOG being the other two). For $9.99 a month (for mobile access), Rdio allows access to millions of songs and even allows downloading to mobile devices (stop paying for the service and the songs are no longer available). After finding new songs on Music Hunter, I went right over to Rdio and added nearly all of them to my collection. Rdio has a free 7-day trial; it can't hurt to check it out.
[itmsapp: 335060889]

Discovr, like Music Hunter, provides a visually stimulating music discovery experience in an audio-focused app. I enjoy Music Hunter more, mainly because I can sit back and it will play through samples until I tell it something (Discovr's samples must be tapped each time). But Discovr's mindmap-ish view of artists takes a fun angle to the browsing experience. One thing Discovr has over Music Hunter is the sheer volume of information provided for each artist: samples from most albums, blog posts, reviews, biographies, links, and YouTube videos. Discovr is geared toward people who are interested in finding artists and Music Hunter toward people interested in finding songs.
[itmsapp: 412768094]

I can't talk about music discovery without bringing up Aweditorium. Aweditorium was the first music discovery app I used that focused on the visual experience. Pictures of artists are tiled on a huge moving wall. Tapping on one starts one of their songs and provides information on the artist. What's unique about Aweditorium compared to the other music discovery apps is that it's filled with independent artists. So Aweditorium is a must-have for any music discovery enthusiast; the songs on Aweditorium aren't likely to be found on other apps. This one is iPad only like Music Hunter.
[itmsapp: 399946763]

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