Favorite 4: Apps for Baseball Fans

Posted by Jeff Scott on April 2nd, 2010

Opening day is just a couple of days away. In honor of that, I thought we would dedicate this Favorite 4 to apps for the baseball fan. In addition, there's another important event happening on Saturday. So each of the baseball app we chose also have available now, or will soon have, an iPad version. Batter up!

MLB At Bat 2010

If there's one app that the true baseball fan has to have, it's MLB At Bat. This every thing for the baseball fan app not only includes all of the stats that you could ever want, but also includes live scores, live game streaming audio and video, and pitch by pitch display and much more. And if you are lucky enough to be getting an iPad this weekend, there's a version for the iPad that looks even better than the iPhone version.[itmsapp: 359059171][itmsapp: 364380003]

Hit the jump for our other three app picks for the baseball fan.

Homerun Battle 3D

Not only is Homerun Battle a great baseball game, it's also a great multiplayer game. We've taken a look at this game in the past and found that it was a really well done and loads of fun. Well there's now an iPad version as well. What more could the baseball fan want?[itmsapp: 313833267][itmsapp: 364507270]


Any real baseball fan spends his time at the game filling in a box score. iScore allows you to do that in the easiest way possible with either with your iPhone or iPad. The iPad version looks absolutely amazing and allows you to see the whole scorecard on the screen at once. iScore makes the iPad a dream device for scorekeepers. The iPhone version is a great option if you don't want to carry the iPad with you. Take a look at this screen from the iPad version.

[itmsapp: 308630038]iScore for the iPad will be released on Saturday.

ESPN Sportscenter

So MLB at Bat keeps you up to date on baseball, what if you want to see other sports scores? What if you want to find out basketball scores or watch clips from Sportscenter? Well you need the ESPN Sportscenter for the iPhone or Sportscenter XL for the iPad.[itmsapp: 317469184][itmsapp: 364269626]

Remember, it's only 162 games until the playoffs.

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